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The re-introduction of the Alpine Frenzy for 2014 was inevitable…
The Alpine Frenzy is back. The perfect bow for a beginning archer or a budget minded bowhunter is here and features 7 inches of adjustable draw length from the Radial Force System and poundage up to 60 pounds. The Alpine Frenzy meets the needs for beginner hunters or even a more advanced archer looking to lighten things up.
The light weight design and full draw length adjustability, without the use of a bow press, make the Alpine Frenzy the best choice for the person not wanting to break the bank.

* Mass weight: 3.0 pounds.
* Axle to Axle: 30.75inches.
* Brace height: 6.5 inches.
* Draw weights: 60 pounds.
* Cam: Radial Force
* Draw lengths: 23”-29"
* IBO speed: 295 fps.
* Limbs: Bi-Flex composite limb, film dipped finish in Mossy Oak,
Infinity or black.
* Cable Guard anodized aluminum.
* Sight window 8.25” single plane window with F1 medalion.
* Pocket: 2 piece Pivot Pocket Mounting System.
* Riser Color: Mossy Oak, Infinity
* Grip: Graphic Domed .
* Let-off: 80%

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