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Whisperflite rest

Whisperflite Match Grade Rest, $49.95 Street Price

When the engineers at Alpine Archery sit down and brain storm… Look out!!! Alpine is always trying to design a better way to do things… In 2006 Alpine introduced the Whisperflite Fall Away Arrow Rests… For 2007, the legacy continues. Independent testing on over 15 different fall away rests awarded Alpine the #1 best pick in the “Best Bang For The Buck” category in a recent head to head comparison. This innovative rest is a “no bones about it” product… Alpine has achieved this by taking into account every possible feature… Built in arrow holder on the launcher, independent windage and vertical adjustment, universal mounting holes, buss cable or cable slide pull option, sealed ball bearing or bushing versions, black anodize or class III hard coat, and the list goes on… When you stop and look at all of the features, this rest is a “must want”… When you look at the price, the Whisperflite Fall Away Arrow Rests becomes a “must have”!!!!

In Stock
MSRP Price $29.99
Order at 1-888-909-4717


Rest exploded view

Match Grade quality, with instrument grade ball bearings...

Alpine’s Match Grade Whisperflite Rest is built using dual ball bearings with one bearing mounted into each side of the mounting bracket to assure absolute accuracy shot after shot for years of trouble free shooting.


V-Twin Arrow Rest

There are more varieties of arrows and different cam systems than ever before. Sometimes certain combinations of the two can be a little more challenging to tune than the dealer or consumer wants. At times it is necessary to vary the pressure on one side of the arrow to compensate for a particular cam system or arrow combination. The V-Twin Arrow Rest from Xtreme Hardcore Gear™ has a great way of dealing with this issue. Independent adjustable spring tension on each fluoropolymer launcher allows for custom tuning of side and downward tension. Combine this with the rubber mounted top capture option and you get one of the most adjustable full capture rests on the market today. Billet machined aluminum body and fluoropolymer launchers make the V-Twin Arrow Rest extremely durable and quiet enough to harvest the wariest of big game.

Available in RH only

In Stock
MSRP Price $69.99
Order at 1-888-909-4717


The machined aluminum plunger housing holds the fluoropolymer plunger and a compression spring, with the spring tension controlled by the adjustment of the set screw. The plunger system is extremely forgiving and easy to tune.
When paper tuning, for example, you would turn the screw in on the left plunger spring to increase tension and correct a slight left tear. Larger tears in the paper will be adjusted with normal windage and elevation adjustments to the rest body itself.



Fluoropolymer has a very low coefficient of friction, so the arrow is quiet and smooth during the draw cycle.





Your arrow is placed between the 3 fluoropolymer pins for absolute control. The 2 lower plungers are spring loaded and compress as the arrow is placed into capture mode. The upper pin is mounted in a rubber housing that will flex out of the way when placing the arrow in capture mode, or when the arrow is released during the shot. This top capture pin can also be removed if so desired for simple launcher style shooting without full capture.


end view