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G1 mount

Xtreme Hardcore Gear
Pro Balance G1 Quiver Mounting System..

The Pro Balance G1 Quiver Mount is designed to accept almost any 1 piece quiver. Using this mount allows you to balance your bow with a quiver you already own. Adjustments include fore and aft movement, in 3 hole positions on the mounting bracket and infinite windage adjustment with the guide rail clamp.

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Soft Loc Hip Quiver  
Hip Quiver

Alpineā€™s Quick Draw Hip Quiver System features a rugged full grain leather holster with a rotating mount and a quick detach rail gripper. This is a very unique hip quiver designed with the flexibility to adapt to brushy or open conditions in seconds. Simply purchase the Soft Loc of your choice (3, 5, or 7 arrow) and mount it to your bow. Then once you purchase the hip quiver, you are set and ready to go with a mount on your bow and on your hip. This allows you to switch back and forth from the bow to your hip in seconds.


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MSRP Price $49.95
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Soft Loc Screw-in Tree Mount...  
Screw-in mountScrew-in mount 2

Secure your Soft Loc Quiver to any tree with a flip of the wrist and a simple twist. This unique Quiver Clip is a great way, pioneered by Alpine Archery, to securely attach your Soft Loc Quiver to the tree.
The screw-in version of the quiver mount has a very sharp lag screw that tucks neatly into the body of the mount for transportation and storage. This compact feature allows you to pack the quiver mount in your pocket or any pouch of your hunting pack without injury or damage.


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MSRP Price $16.95
Order at 1-888-909-4717

Alpine Tension Pin Set  
Alpine Tension Pin set

The Tension Pin Set is for securing smaller diameter arrows. Each pin is molded in an oval shape and designed to increase arrow tension on the Alpine Soft Loc and Bear Claw arrow grippers. Simply slip a pin into the outbound hole in the lower gripper. Twist slightly, to increase or decrease tension. 7 pins included.


This item is in stock
MSRP Price $5.21
Order at 1-888-909-4717