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Rookie, camo, or pink for ages 5-12...
$199 street price...

The Rookie sports 7 inches of draw adjustment and a peak weight of 35 pounds. With this kind of adjustability, one can’t go wrong in choosing the Rookie for your aspiring young bowhunter.
Note* the Rookie is built to target ages 5 to 12 years.
Draw length is 17-23” and weight is 10-35 pounds The Rookie is a dramatic improvement over the Micro in mechanical function, durability, arrow velocity, and all around enjoyment to shoot.

* Mass weight: 2.5 pounds.
* Axle to Axle: 28 inches.
* Brace height: 6 inches.
* Draw weights: 10-35 pound range
* Cam: Radial force A
* Draw lengths:19”-25"
* Limbs: Bi-Flex composite limb, pink camo, or Bonz Camo
* Cable Guard anodized aluminum
* Sight window 8.25” single plane window with Alpine Rookie medalion.
* Pocket: mini Pocket Mounting System.
* Riser Color: black powdercoat
* Grip: Graphic Domed
* Let-off: 65%

In Stock
MSRP Price $199.95 with free shipping and handling
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