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Redesigned 2014 Alpine Fireball,
$429 Street price!

The 2014 Alpine F1 Fireball is the performance bow of your dreams…
Built from a rock solid forged riser with power tuff composite limbs. The F1 Fireball is all the bow you will ever need to tag the trophy of a lifetime or bang away at the range.
The power plant of this machine is the 3g Velocitec Cam. The Velocitec Cam System has been in the Alpine line for years and is tried and true in situations from the bitter northern Canadian cold to the sweltering African summer heat.
The F1 Fireball is sure to exceed your expectations with its blazing speed, smooth draw cycle, and bone crushing kinetic energy.
The best part about the F1 Fireball is the fact that it doesn’t hurt the pocketbook and costs about half of most other performance bows on the market.

* Mass weight: 4.2 pounds.
* Axle to Axle: 31.5 inches.
* Brace height: 6.1255 inches.
* Draw weights: 60 pounds.
* Cam: New Velocitec 3G Cam.
* Draw lengths: 27”-30"
* IBO speed: 337 fps.
* Limbs: Bi-Flex composite limb, film dipped finish iN Mossy Oak, Infinity or black.
* Cable Guard Straight mounted carbon.
* New Alpine Decelorator string stop.
* Sight window 8.25” single plane window with F1 medalion.
* Pocket: Redesigned LX Pocket Mounting System for 2014.
* Riser Color: Mossy Oak, Infinity or black powdercoat.
* Grip: 2 piece rose wood.
* Let-off: 80%

In Stock
MSRP Price $429.00 with free shipping and handling
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