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2014 Roxstar ... $699.00 Street price

A rich, durable film dipped riser with accenting anodized components, capped off with Realtree APG limbs make the Roxstar a beauty to behold. The power supply for the Roxstar is Alpineā€™s V3g Cam, designed to produce the best overall performance for hunting. The cam design provides high velocities, smooth draw force profile, and a full 80% letoff.
Become a Roxstar and emerge on your stage of performance with confidence, knowing that you are shooting the most radical, blood spilling, hunting machine available.
In 2014 the Roxstar comes with a conventional cable gaurd and Mach 5 slide for smooth trouble free shooting.

MSRP Price $699.00 with free shipping and handling
You can add to cart below, or order by phone 208-746-4717

Available with a Realtree APG film dipped camo riser and limbs,
or Black riser with black or camo limbs.



* Mass Weight: 4.5 pounds.
* Axle to Axle: 34.5 inches.
* Brace Height: 6.5" with a 12" limb or or 7.5" with a 13" limb.
* Draw Weights: 60, 70 pounds.
* Cam: Velocitec 3G Cam.
* Draw Lengths: 28”- 31" with a 12" limb or 29"- 32" with a 13" limb
* IBO Speed: 330 fps.
* Limbs: Gordon composite limb, film dip finished inRealtree APG.
* Cable Guard: Adjustable with Mach 5 slide
* Pocket: Split Point Limb Capture System,
with True Position Technology...
* Riser Color: Realtree APG Camo
* Grip: 1 piece rose wood.
* Let-off: 80%

Pulse Isolator
String Stop

Offset Quiver Mount